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Hi and welcome to my blog!  As you may have figured out, my name is Courtney of Courtney’s Designs, formally Courtney’s Digiscrappin’.  I am married to the most wonderful man who supports me in all my artistic endeavors and am a stay-at-home mom of two INSANE boys lol!  Nah, they are just really loud and really funny.  They make me laugh daily and my youngest never, ever stopped talking.  Needless to say it takes great concentration on my part to work at home with so much going on around you lol.   We live in a little suburb just a couple of miles from Austin, Texas.  I LOVE Austin.  I moved here from Washington, D.C. back in 1992 to go to the University of Texas…and, a boy, but shhhh, don’t tell anyone.

I finally got to start attending UT in 1996 after trying to get proper credits and establish residency.  I have a degree in Psychology with the sole purpose of joining the F.B.I…yep lol.  Or, if I couldn’t get in there, the Austin P.D.  But, as I’m sure most of you know how it is, things change.  After getting married and having my first son, I decided that maybe law enforcement wasn’t the way to go.  Crazy schedules.  I spent many years working for lobbyist in a very abusive environment.  That job in particular really ruined working in an office for me pretty much forever.  My ever so wonderful husband and I talked about it and decided that I would get certified in Landscape Design.

See, here’s the thing…I have spent the majority of my life loving art from drawing, to painting, to studying its history.  I never tried to establish a business or job doing what I love because I really believed I would never make any money doing it.  After years of working in offices and pretty much doing the opposite of what I love, I finally got to do something about it.  I took my required courses in Landscape Design and very quickly started building up a clientele.  My first love of this job was all the drawing I got to do again planning out the landscape.  My second favorite was getting dirty and helping with installation.  I was so excited!  Just when things were taking off, I got pregnant with my second son.  While that was wonderful!  He didn’t like me working in the least lol.  I did most of the installation to keep the cost down for the client, but he was NOT happy about it lol.  Unfortunately, I had to quit doing it when I was 7 months pregnant.

I thought about returning to Landcape Design after a few months of him being born, but it was not to be.  He ended up being a high-needs baby with Sensory Integration Disorder and needed a lot of in-home therapy.  Well, what can you do.  He was such a wonderful baby and we were so happy.  To kill the time while he was napping, I took up Digital Scrapbooking.  I dabbled in paper scrapbooking, but it was really costly and took way too long.  I loved the digital aspect of it.  The quickness in which I created my layouts, which, between me and you were pretty basic lol.  But, after spending some time in a Scrapbooking community, I learned all kinds of cool techniques.  Shortly thereafter, a designer ask if I would like to be a part of her creative team.  I said, heck yeah!  Free kits lol!

So, as I was CTing for this designer, I wanted to try my hand at making a kit as a freebie for my friends.  Again, REALLY basic lol.  Lots of extractions and not a lot of interest, but it was free lol.  The designer I was working for suggested I might actually make a decent designer and helped me get into my first store.  Well, the rest is history as they say lol.  I loved it so much and she taught me tons.  We did a collaboration together trying our hands in Altered Art and Art Journaling.  I was HOOKED!  I finally found my niche!  I got to go back to my artistic roots, get my hands dirty with paint and have a great time making my creations.

It has been a long and rewarding journey, making lots of friends along the way and my art constantly evolves.  I am always curious to see what I come up with next lol.

I hope you enjoyed my little story and I hope you continue on to read my blog.  I am going to be adding other things besides my design work…from recipes that I love to my traveling adventures.

Thank you for stopping by!

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