Copyright 2017 Courtney’s Designs
Please read my TOUs carefully.

    • You MAY use my designs to create pages/albums as gifts for family and friends
    • You MAY post layouts you make with my designs in online galleries as long as credit is given
    • You MAY use my designs to create personal backgrounds/headers for your blog or Web site as long as credit is given with a link back to is requested out of courtesy, and the resolution is 72ppi. No graphics above 72ppi is permitted for any web graphics. But, my products may not be used for any blog, website, forum or like site that generates income of any kind.
    • You MAY alter these graphics (re-size, re-color, blending) and use them in your personal scrapbooking and card making/crafts and for the use of signature in forums.
    • You MAY submit layouts or cards etc. that you have made with these graphics to any scrapbook or cardmaking magazine for publication as long as proper credit is given to me. This includes any images you may have altered and any pre-made designs and templates that have been used.
    • You MAY make a copy of the files for back up purposes only
    • NO items, purchased or free, may be reproduced for sale, for free or redistributed or made available to anyone else in any way. This includes sharing on private or public databases. Please refer them to this site,, to obtain themselves.
    • You agree to comply with the list of Prohibited Uses below.


  • You MAY create custom greeting cards, candy wrappers, layouts, invitations, Scrapbooks etc and other printed materials for your paying customers provided they are finished pieces or flattened artwork that has been derived from the original graphics.
  • You MAY NOT sell a download or cd of any kind of the graphic in its original form and you are not authorized to pass on a copy of the product to your client.
  • You must create a unique and different project for each client, under no circumstances can you create pages for use over and over again, nor can you create pre-made designs and sell them to several customers.
  • You MAY NOT use any pre-made items for your S4H use such as ready made cluster frames, quick pages, stacked paper designs.
  • This licence does not cover mass production, this is for a small business only where invitations etc. do not exceed 200. Hard copies of things such as complete albums are limited to a print of ten copies maximum.
  • You may not create Quick Pages to sell from my products.
  • These terms do not apply to files within Collaborations from other designers that I did not create unless you receive individual permission from the other designers.
  • You agree to comply with the list of Prohibited Uses below.

Credit is not required, but very much appreciated.

These commercial use items have been created by and are the sole property of Courtney’s Designs. Stealing copyrighted material is a crime.
Commercial Use (CU) much be clearly labled on the packaging. If CU does not appear on packaging, then it is for Personal Use only (PU).


  • You may use my commercial use products by incoporating them in a digital scrapbooking kit as long as they are packaged with other elements and that my CU products are NOT the primary design (ie: not more than 30% of your designs must contain my commercial use products) and that they are not sold AS IS, alone as a product and are NOT in a layered PSD or ABR form like the original artwork.
  • You may use Single Elements/Papers as long as it is part of your own artwork and not “as is” how you received them from me.
  • Any other usage is prohibited.
  • License cannot be transferred to another user or company for any reason.


  • Freebies are NOT permitted under ANY circumstances.
  • You may NOT repackage to sell either alone or combined with similar items for the product you purchased in it’s original form.
  • You may NOT sell or use the paper industry nor sold to professional Scrap Sites or companies for use such as Shutterfly, Creative Memories, Heritage Makers, etc., nor sold to any business, Partnership, LLC or Corporation without first purchasing an Exclusive Commercial License (contact me at for more information).
  • You may NOT transfer any copyrights of any of the art or products to anyone for any reason.
  •  You are NOT allowed to create other CU templates, brushes, nor any commercial products with these files (contact me at if you would like any other type of use of my products not listed).

PROHIBITED USES – for all licensing options

  • You may NOT transfer any copyrights of any of my products to anyone for any reason.
  • You may NOT incorporate these graphics into any commercial projects (ie: Digital Scrapbook Kits, Web design/sites, templates, distribute either for sale or free, create a competing product from the graphics to sell, redistribute, trade or otherwise share), which will produce income.
  • NO graphics or art, this includes freebies, may be shared, loaned, sub-licensed, rented, resold, redistributed or made available in any form, individually or in a collection of any kind, including with family, friends or on the internet or any other means. This includes sharing on private or public databases or groups such as Yahoo Groups.
  • You may NOT transferred my product and/or license to another person.
  • Use of my products by any paper industry or professional scrap site or companies such as Shutterfly, Creative Memories, Heritage Makers, etc., or any other business, Partnership, LLC or Corporation is specifically prohibited.
  • You may NOT add to, distort, alter or re-color any graphic and claim them as your own and distribute in any way for sale or free.
  • You may NOT use any images for obscene, defamatory, or immoral works or any other purposes that is prohibited by law.

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