A Little Coastal Break


A Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone had a great Holiday and Christmas! I had the flu for most of it…bleh! I was about to take us all to get flu shots during the holiday and bam! Sick! See what happens when one procrastinates? lol. Then my husband got hit. Fortunately, the kids are both still healthy.

Right after Christmas, my husband decided to take us on a short trip to the Gulf Coast…Port Aransas, TX specifically. He’s getting ready for a new job and we have both not only been sick, but loads of stress too. I’m still having loads of health problems. So much so, that my doctors can’t or won’t help me anymore. So, I’m having to see a Functional Medicine doctor to see if she can help. But, it’s a lot of tests, a lot of money and a lot of waiting for results. But, crossing fingers it’s all worth it! But, I digress…

Money is tight for us this year and will be with this new job, but we squeezed in a few days, packed up the kids and packed up the dogs and headed to the beach. It was VERY cold when we got there. Of course the kids are disappointed they wouldn’t be able to swim, but the point of going was to help our viruses and help our spirits.



This was the first time we took the dogs on a trip and I am sure the first time they have ever been to the coast. Poor Jet here didn’t want to get his paws all wet lol. But, Zoey seemed totally chill with the beach.

We all took long walks hunting for seashells. We were hoping the seashells would be better in the Winter, but no such luck. They were pretty broken up. I think I managed to find one cool spiral shell intact. But, there was loads of sea life. A specific animal we saw a lot of were the Portuguese Man O War jellyfish. Would you believe they aren’t actually jellyfish, but multiple organisms? You can read about them HERE. I have never seen one before, but after posting this image in Facebook, people told me all about them. Interesting stuff and a good thing we weren’t stung!!

We also saw a gorgeous Blue Heron! He loved sitting on the rocks, but I think he was just waiting for the fishermen there to give him some free food lol.

After a couple of relaxing and very cold days, it started to warm up! In fact, the first day of the New Year, the temperature started to rise to about 70 degrees. Very nice! The kids were happy to finally get their toes wet, though the water was pretty cold. And, they got to play in the sand. Then by the last day and the day we were leaving, it warmed up to almost 80 degrees!! The kids got really wet then!

Can you tell I enjoy playing with my iPhone photo app? LOL!

And, so I said goodbye to a much needed break with the beautiful weather and back to the daily grind as we must all do.  Thanks for reading!!


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