Times Are A Changin’!

Well, I’m regrouping, if you can regroup with just yourself…yes, I’m just being silly, I know I can. Business is changing, hence the title. If you have been keeping up with what has been going on with me over a year now, you know it’s been a whirlwind. But, I gotta say, my drive is pretty good. I also FEEL really good. I actually haven’t felt this good in over a year. I’m on a simple medication, well, not simple really…you just wouldn’t think I’m using it other than for what it’s intended. I’m on a nerve pain medication. But, not for nerve pain. For my hot flashes and night sweats of all things lol. Crazy! But, there it is. I am going through menopause very early in life (psst, I’m only 47). The night sweats and hot flashes have been freakin’ unbearable!!! Makes me REALLY want to move away from Texas, but I digress. My doctor said it might help since I can’t take anything that has any sort of hormones in it because of the breast cancer. Well, she was right!!!

I would sit here working or cleaning or doing art and just start sweating profusely. I mean even in the dead of Winter…how can I be sweating yet feel cold still (I’m sure many of you have been through this and know what I’m talking about)?! Oddest sensation. It got to the point I had to pretty much stop wearing makeup because I would just sweat it right off. OK, I really didn’t mean to go on and on about my sweat lol!

My point to the medicine is that it has helped my Ankylosing Spondylitis (AD arthritic disease). I had to stop taking Humira for it due also because of the breast cancer. There was no medicine out there for me at all. I went to physical therapy and that helped a bit, but this medicine I’m on has made my back feel great, which tells me most of my pain has been radiating through my nerves! I can take the dog for a walk without crying all the way home lol. So, my drive is there. I want to create and do art and work. Ideas are flowin’! But, with that I have decided to change what I’m working on.

I decided to stop pretty much creating kits. But, I want to still create and work! Kits are a lot of work, especially if you paint and draw everything. I have a crazy, know-it-all teen son now who is taking up that time I need to create kits, along with getting my health back on track. I want to focus on doing smaller projects. I will add a mini-kit here and there, but I want to focus on doing something different. I will also be really focusing on providing something more unique and creative toward the Commercial Use community. I have lots of ideas. I hope will like what you see.

In my pursuit of this change, I bought myself an actual typewriter. A Smith Corona (mid-1960s) manual typewriter. I love it and it’s pea green lol, and in great condition! I searched and searched for a decent one. Nowadays, they seem to have a lot but just for decoration. I want to USE mine. So, I had to find one that not only worked, but was reasonably priced (some are WAY overpriced lol). Then I remembered back in my typewriter days in high school that I will need typewriter ribbon. Yikes! Wait, it can’t just print off the paper lol? And, not only does it need ribbon, but a particular ribbon that goes with my typewriter.


Did you know there is an actual MARKET out there for vintage typewriter ribbon? Yeah, they still manufacture it. So cool! So, I got my ribbon and typewriter. It’s hard lol. I used to be able to type about 60 words per minute using one of these, not so much anymore with the highly sensitive keyboards we have today. So, it will take some getting used to. This little baby will help me make my products :).  LOVE IT!

So, to start in my pursuit of change, I’m going to sell prints. For now, they will just be .jpgs you can download and print yourself. But, hopefully, you will find them print-worthy. I’ve really wanted to do some painting too to sell as prints. So, we shall see how it goes! This print is actually a layout I did a while ago using my Imagine: Harmony & Balance kit. The reason I chose this one is because I have had requests from people to use it, so they can frame it and hang it up. I thought if they like it, maybe others will too! It’s an inspirational piece called “Enlightenment”. The quote on it is; “Out of clutter find simplicity. From discord find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” It’s a quote by Albert Einstein, a quote I love! I too have this hanging in my office.


My other newest endeavor is an artsy template. I don’t normally do templates, but I really want to create them. I want to make them unique, fun and artsy. They are especially great if you are uncertain how to use Mixed Media and Art Journaling kits. But, by all means can be used with ANY kit. I had fun creating it and I think it turned out pretty cool! All you have to do is pick your kit and clip on a photo to the blended photo mask. What do you all think of my first Artsy Blended Template?


Here is a close-up of what I created using it. I used my “Uninhibited-Unconditional” kit for this.


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