Growth and Renewal

If you read my last post about change, you will know that my designing is going to take a different turn. For the best I hope! It’s funny because back in January, when I started creating this kit called “Renewal,” I had no idea what that would mean. It was almost my subconscious telling me that I need to make some changes. That I need to renew and refresh my style. I just finished up the kit and it hit me what that kit meant. I don’t fear change. I believe change is very important in our lives. It can keep, say art work, fresh. It helps us adapt easier. It helps us take a path down some road we wouldn’t have dared before.

Change is also scary. It’s in our nature to fear change because we fear failure. But, to me, we have to at least try. So, that is what I’m doing. I’m slowly going through my renewal and growth. It may not work out. It’s a little scary because I don’t want to fail. But, if I do, I remind myself that “at least I tried.” So, this kit “Renewal” is dedicated to all those who try and face their fears to do something different.

This will probably be my last kit. I will do some mini kits, but this should be the last big one, if all goes according to plan. I hope you like it!



I also wanted to show of some more of my art prints I have been selling. People really seemed to like my first one “Englightenment,” and so you all have encouraged me to keep making them! I have two more. One is a mixed media painting I created called Succeed Angel. I have her up on my wall all framed to support me though all my artistic endeavors :).



The second one I created using my Renewal kit. Though I painted these girls first. They originally weren’t going to be in any kit, but I loved them so much I had to! I call them “Sister”, though they can easily be friends, mother and daughter, etc. I enjoyed creating them because I really branched out a lot more in my art. I was less rigid in creating them and just let myself flow more easily.




These prints are beautiful as is, printed and framed. But, since they are digital, did you know you can do other things with them? Here is an example of my “Succeed Angel” as a phone case. I did it a while back on my phone. You can go to many promotional product shops online where they allow you to upload an image on a product.  You can put them on mugs, book covers, pillows, t-shirts, blankets, phone cases and so much more!!!


Fun, right?!

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