2 Weeks of Art Fun!



I have been so motivated to do real art, which is kind of getting in the way of work lol. But, I can’t help myself. I just want to paint and do mixed media for fun. My first project in the two weeks I have been devoting to art is this little painting above. She is from an original painting back during the Impressionist era by Suzanne Valadon called Two Bathers. I didn’t want to replicate her art. I wanted it to inspire me. I only used one bather and made her in my own way with a mixed media background. I love this artist because her women aren’t perfect, but still just as beautiful.


I signed up again! What’s that you ask? Well,Life Book 2016. I did it in 2014 and loved it. I couldn’t do last year for obvious reasons, but I wanted to try it again this year. It gets bigger and bigger each year with tons of artists sharing their creativity in a class. Each week there is a new class and another wonderful artist. I love it so much. Now 2016 is almost 3 months in and I’ve only done the first 2 weeks lol. But, that’s OK.  You can download the videos to do the class in your own time.

Despite this year being flooded with creative ideas for projects, I sometimes find myself wanting to expand my art in different ways. Life Book helps with that. These artists show many different ways to do mixed media. They are so creative and they put my art to shame lol. But, that’s why they make the big bucks in what they do! But, I can’t compare myself to them. That’s the first mistake artists make.

Anyway, I’m not trying to advertise Life Book lol, but I really wanted to share what I am creating while doing these classes.

The one above was week one in which I was to create a “Happy Traveler”. It’s more symbolic than having to do with actual traveling. More like traveling through emotions and learning to let go and cope, I think. Yeah, she’s cute. I like cute, but I really want to create women. But, for some reason my spirit animal was a sloth, so I just had to create a cute girl lol.

Actually, I had a dream about a sloth. Someone left one on my doorstep for me to adopt. Thus, it was the first animal that popped into my head as I was creating this piece. And, Maya the owner of Scrapbookgraphics sent me a link about sloths in relation to spirituality. Very interesting read!


Next up is this little piece. Week two in Life Book was with Ivy Newport. I really like her work and enjoyed creating this. And, no I didn’t paint this lady per se. Her art journal projects consist of collage and painting over the collage. I took this woman from one of my gazillion magazines that I collect and painted over her. I added some gold and silver paint to her “halo”. I’m not used to working with such muted colors and had to add that pop of red lol.

I really enjoyed this project, not just because of creating art, but because it’s to vent and let go. I had to write all over the book about all my frustrations, anger, depressions, etc. from last year. Then once we vent, we paint over it and start fresh and new with a more positive outlook. It is healing in it’s way.

I hope I can keep up with this Life Book and do more and more art on my own without sacrificing work lol. Nah, I have to work. I love to work. But, it’s hard when there is something you love to do, you want to do it ALL THE TIME!


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