expressing one’s feelings or thoughts unselfconsciously and without restraint.
“fits of uninhibited laughter


I back in to my creative flow. I’m so excited to be creating and being more creative than I have ever been. So, I started creating something to represent that side of me and that love I have for art. I was uninhibited. I let the art and creative process flow through me instead of being nit picky about every little paper and every little element. While those things are important; you have to have cohesion and structure to a kit or product for it to work, I still want to create something more of a free-flow. I tried not to think about too many details and let my creative process run the show. I really hope this kit reflects that because that is how I would love to see you create with it. Without restraint. Without inhibitions. Let the art speak to you.

Each month, I plan on creating one of these “Uninhibited” products with a different theme. There may or may not be a color palette, and while there will be a theme, you should be able to use this product for virtually anything. February’s theme is called “Unconditional“. February is know as a month about Love because of Valentine’s Day. But, this kit isn’t about Valentine’s Day, though it is about love.  Unconditional love. Unconditional friendship. Doing things for those you love without conditions. That kind of love you have for your children, grandparents, best friend.

I would love to see your “story” in your art. You can share your layouts in my gallery and I know I will love it!






Also, I have something else I am doing new and differently! I have added some planner pages. I will be creating a planner project called “Project Me,” so you can creative your artsy planners. I have created some bare bones planner sheets you can paint, doodle, add elements, etc. to and I have created some that are premade. So, all you have to do is simply print and hole punch. I hope you enjoy using them! Now this is the first time I have ever created them, so I am uncertain how good they are lol, but I hope the more I make, the better they get!



I hope you enjoy the beautiful layouts created by my wonderful creative team:

[gmedia id=94]


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