Good Riddance 2015!


Yeah, I mean it!  Goodbye 2015! What a long year it was between the breast cancer treatment, my Ankylosing Spondylitis flaring up something awful and a surprise hernia/appendix surgery. I wondered why every single doctor has to feel my breast as if I suddenly got breast cancer even bigger in just a few days lol. In seriousness, even with the smallest breast cancer comes big changes and great challenges. One can no longer take certain medications for other illnesses anymore, the radiation hurts, your diet has to change, you see doctors way more frequently, your on all sorts of other medications that cause all kinds of mood issues and side effects, of course it costs a lot of money. Then when the arthritis flares up and you are in constant pain else where, well it’s quite depressing.

But, you know what? Being moody gets old fast. I’m done and have thrown my hands in the air and said “that’s it! Enough is enough!” I have been uncreative and moody long enough. Now with 2016 here, it’s a new day…a new year. I’m feeling better mood-wise, I’m back in Physical Therapy for my arthritis and I’m feeling very feisty and creative lol. Now, I’m not one for New Years resolutions. I believe in making changes to yourself for self-improvement, improving health, etc.  But, a lot of these things take time and there are set backs, which makes one want to give up their resolutions.

I want, in myself, to create a lifestyle change. To take charge of my life, my health, my moods, etc. Some of these things take a lot of time. So, I don’t put them down on some list and say, “I will eat better this year”. Instead, I put in my head to start making changes, expect it to be slow and expect setbacks. Instead, I have chosen to set goals that are more tangible.

My little art business has really struggled in 2015 due to lack of involvement in our little art community, lack of projects and such. It’s time for that to change. One forgets sometimes while one struggles that our little hobbies bring us much joy. Art makes me so happy. So, why did I not create? Why did I not get off my booty and just do some art? And, why did I have to play that video game on my butt over and over and over lol. I don’t have the answer for that. But, once I got it in my head I was taking charge of my life and myself, I WANTED to create. My determination changed how I felt and boosted my creative process, which in turn set some goals for my art.

I’m going to be much more proactive and productive this year. This will be my sort of mantra…”proactive and productive.”

I hope you all will like what you see with the new things I create. I will share my stories and process as I go along. We will laugh; we will cry…Ok, maybe not cry. If my art makes you cry, then we have a problem LOL!

Happy belated New Year to you all!

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