Who’s the em-BOSS!



Get it? Like my title? OK, it’s a little corny lol. But, that’s what this little tutorial is about today…embossing digitally with glitter. This will be for you PSE users. It is super easy and just plain fun. At the end of the tutorial, there will be a little freebie too!

As an artist, I love to emboss things in my art. It’s quite messy, quite fun and you will have embossing powder on your hands for days lol. This version is also fun and won’t leave that residue on your hands. No hair dryers necessary!

  1.  Open your PSE…I know you’ve got that part down 🙂

  2.  Open up your favorite glitter paper.


  1.   Open up a new blank document:  Ctrl + N.  Make sure it’s 12×12 inches, 300 ppi and transparent.  Then open up your brushes to chose what brush you would like to use.  I chose a flower brush from my latest collection of vintage floral brushes.  Vintage Floral Brushes Vol. 3


  1.  Stamp on your brush onto the blank page.


  1.  Then at the bottom of the screen, you will see your glitter paper in the thumbnail.  Drag that on top of your stamp.


  1.  On the right hand side of your screen in your layers bar, high light the glitter layer by clicking on it.  Then hover your mouse on the line between the glitter paper and your stamp.  While holding down the Alt key, you will see your mouse icon turn to an “eye” or “circles” instead of the hand.  Click your mouse and this will “mask” the glitter paper into the stamp pattern.


  1.  Merge the two layers:  Ctrl + E.  Or go to Layers at the top menu bar, click “Merge Down”.


  1.  Open up your favorite paper.  Then you will drag the glitter stamp from the thumbnail at the bottom onto your paper.



  1.  I zoomed this to 100% so you can see it better.  Right click on your glitter stamp and click “Edit Layer Style”.  Go down and click on “Bevel”.  Adjust the lever as you see fit.  I only did a slight adjustment because embossing isn’t a huge lump on the paper…well I guess it could, but not for my purposes lol.  I only wanted a subtle embossing look, so I just adjusted the lever to 6.


  1.  That’s it!  Easy peasy.  I just duplicated my image and moved them around the paper as I saw fit.  So many ways you can use this!!!


This was such an easy and fun tutorial, right?  I hope you enjoyed reading and, as promised, I have that freebie for you.  You can grab my paper I used for the tutorial FREE!  Add more elements, add glitter splashes, images, etc.!


Click Image for Download



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