Playing with Dolls!


When you were a child, did you play with paper dolls?  Did you get paper doll books as a gift or cut them out of magazines?  I loved them as a child.  I didn’t get them often, but when I did, I loved cutting them all out and trying different outfits on the doll.  Maybe that’s one reason I love art dolls so much.  Creating a pretty little doll with cute little dresses.  This is what Playing with Dolls is all about.  It’s a series I’m starting and my first edition is Daphne.  She is perfect for art journaling and card making.  You can change her outfits, depending on color and mood.


Daphne is a wind-swept, dark-haired beauty.  She likes flying, floating with balloons and playing in the rain.  Daphne is hand painted and her outfits and accessories have been hand crafted.  She has different arms and legs so you can position her in different poses.  Because Daphne is hand crafted, her body parts and outfits will have to be adjusted accordingly using your editing program., depending on how you want to create her.   Daphne is available exclusively at Scrapbookgraphics.


Below is a little tutorial using PSE giving a couple of examples of what you can create using Playing with Dolls:

Here is a tutorial I did on how to actually use an art doll in your layouts

Example 1:

I first open up all the little parts I want to create my version of Daphne in PSE.


Next I open up a new document.  Here I open a document set to 12′ x 12′ and 300 dpi and set to transparent.  Then I drag Daphne’s head into the new document.


In this one I want her to take over the whole page, so I keep her quite large.  And, then I drag her top over her (this is just a shoulder top for larger art dolls).  You will notice the top is a little larger than she is.  This is the drawback of doing things by hand.  So, you will need to adjust the size of the outfit.



The top should be active in your layers panel, but if it is not, click on the top on the left hand side in your layers panel.  Then click in one of the corners of the top so you can adjust the size.  Then you simply start dragging the top down so it reduces in size.  Keep dragging it down and moving it around until you find it meets the shoulders and neck.  Then click the check mark below the image to set it.



Now I want to add my little wings.  I only did one version of each wing instead of a set of wings.  It will be easier to match the two sides easier this way.  I place my wings behind Daphne so it appears they are attached to her back.  You can do this by right clicking the wing and click “send to back”.  Now you can adjust the size of the to suit your needs.  I made them quite small for whimsical purposes.


Instead of dragging the wing again onto Daphne, resize it again, etc., I just wan to duplicate the wing.  I go to the layers panel on the right, click on the wing, right click and click on “duplicate layer”.  Once that is done, I just go ahead and rotate the wing as well.  I do this by going to my menu bar at the top, click “Image”, click “Rotate”, then click “Flip Layer Horizontal”.  This will flip the image.  Make sure you don’t click “Flip Horizontal” at the top as it will flip your whole page.


Once that is done, I simply move my wing to the other side of her shoulder.  After than I start adding the flowers in her hair.  I want to create a little bouquet of flowers.  I simply drag which flower I want to her hair.


Now I want add a little shadow to the flowers to give them depth.  I right click the flower, click “edit layer style” then click the “drop shadow” button.  Here you will have a slider you can adjust to make your shadows how you want them.  Since she’s a paper doll, I don’t make the shadows extreme.



I continue adding her flowers until I am content with how they are all arranged.



That’s pretty much it for this one!  I merged my layers by clicking Layers, and “Merge Visible” to keep the transparent background.  I chose a background I wanted to use and dragged Daphne onto the paper.  Voila!



Example 2:

Here is another sample I did creating Daphne in full-body.  I opened up all the pieces I wish to use, opened up a new document and this time I dragged the dress onto the new document instead.



Next I dragged Daphne’s head onto the page and right clicked, clicking “send back” so the dress is on top of her.


You obviously have to resize her head to fit the dress.  Use instructions above for resizing.


Next, I picked out the legs I want to use.  Now you should already be behind in the dress in layers, so you can simply drag the legs and they should be behind the dress already.  Position legs how you want them.


Now I am going to start adding her arms.  This is where is gets a little tricky, so I will do my best to describe what I did here.  I want her arms above the dress to hold something, but you will see the shoulders are visible.  So, we will need to adjust for that.



First, you will want to duplicate the arm after resizing how you want it, and them you will want to flip the duplicated arm and move it to the other side of her (instructions above for duplicating and flipping).




I have now made it look like she’s holding the heart.  What I did was click on the dress with my mouse to select that is where I want to be in my layers.  Then dragged the heart onto the dress.  So, the heart is above the dress and under the arms.  It looks like she’s hugging the heart.  Now what to do about those shoulders!


I went ahead and zoomed to 100% (click on your magnifying glass on the right panel), so I can see what I’m doing with minimal mistakes.  I then go to my left layers panel and click “opacity”.  I reduce the opacity enough so I can see the dress through the arms.  Then I take my polygonal lasso tool (on right panel).  Then I work the edges of the shoulders so it looks like the sleeves of the dress come over the arms a bit.  You move around your tool until you get marching ants around the area you wish to delete and then click delete.  Repeat this for the other arm.





Next I want to add wings and a few words to her.  I click on the wing I wish to use, resize, send to the back behind the dress, duplicate and flip the image.  Move the duplicate wing to the other side of her.  Then Once I’m done, I “merge visible” all layers.  I take my type tool on the right, choose my font and type in my words where I wish them to be on the image.  Here I wrote one word on each wing and a word on the heart.




Once I’m all done, I choose my background and drag my doll onto my paper.  There I wrote out a quote and now I’m all done!





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