Turning a Negative into a Positive

Hello wonderful people!  I have come back to share another installment of an art journal page from the class Life Book 2014 with Tamara Laporte of Willowing.  This is from week 32 (I’m so behind from the beginning weeks lol…just kind of jumped ahead) called Turning a Negative into a Positive and the instructor is Micki Wilde from The Secret Hermit.



Now this isn’t really all my style.  I tend to add more to my backgrounds and my art dolls, of course, look completely different lol.  I was really just following along with the instruction rather than making this really stand out as my own.  If I try this method again, I will definitely turn it into something else.  For now, I just wanted to see what this was all about.  While it’s not my style, I did like the concept of this…the turning a negative into a positive.

As women, we tend to vent and vent a lot.  We get frustrated, angry, upset and we NEED to get it out.  Sometimes when we get it out, that’s all we do…vent, vent, vent.  The purpose behind this is to get out our frustrations, but then replace those frustrations with something more positive.  Remind us that there are many good things in our life and it’s not always bad.

My story and my art here is about my birthday.  Honestly, it was horrible thanks to my kids lol.  I turned 46 a few days ago, I have just discovered I’m in full-blown menopause suddenly, thus a little hormonal and I told my kids all I want for my birthday is for them to be good.  I allowed their friend over to play and they had to behave, no fighting and no screaming.  All I wanted to do is some art just for myself.  To take a break from working and just have fun doing a little art.

Well, they just couldn’t do that could they? lol  Nope.  They were not only NOT good as I asked, they were horrible!  Screaming, yelling, fighting, whining, bullying, etc.  I was getting so frustrated from constantly breaking up fights, I lost my creative flow and I ended up working all day, which of course, made me even more upset lol.  In the end, as I was getting ready to go out to dinner with my family, they were so bad, I had to send the friend home and I grounded both of them, which led to a complete meltdown from my youngest…sigh.  Fine, I told them that I didn’t appreciate their behavior all day.  I asked for only one thing and they couldn’t deliver, in fact they delivered the very opposite.  I told them that in order to get out of grounding, they had to work as a team to come up with a plan that will get them out of it.

20 minutes later, they came up to me, hugged me, apologized for their behavior and said they were going to work together to clean up all their toys and clean their rooms.  And, they did!  Better late than never, right?!

With that said, my emotions were wasted.  I spent that evening after dinner working on this project.  You take a piece of watercolor paper and write down all your negative thoughts.  Then after it’s all out, you paint over it!  Wash it away with paint and transform it into something beautiful, colorful and full of positive words.  Mine is about “They DO love me.”  I know my kids love me and didn’t want to hurt me, but they are just children and children misbehave.  It doesn’t mean they don’t love me.

It was a refreshing exercise that really did help a great deal.

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