Positive Qualities


Hello again friends!  Well, I’m loving this Life Book 2014!  I’m kind of all over the place in regards to classes.  Last time I posted it was week 32, I believe.  This time it’s week 6, 29 with Marieke Blokland and 30 with Carissa Page.  Well, my second attempt anyway.  I didn’t like it the first time around and didn’t get to finish.  This time, I finished it and was quite happy with the results.

I particularly like this lesson with Tam.  I enjoy her vitality and positiveness. She makes me think a bit more when creating art.  In this class, we are to a create a face.  We start out using spray inks for the hair and acrylics for the face.  After we are done, then we write down all of our positive qualities through out the hair.  And, you know, it’s surprisingly not that easy to come up with positive qualities lol.  Oh, I know I have a lot of good qualities, but trying to come up with some that were meaningful or thinking of things that I don’t…well, think about lol.  But, I managed a few.

It was also very tricky to keep the face clean of spray and spatter.  While I don’t mind that bit of messiness, unfortunately, as soon as you take a brush to it with paint, those blues and pinks intermingle with the face color. It suddenly didn’t look so hot.  But, I managed pretty well here.


I especially had a lot of fun using the spray inks.  I may have to do a short tutorial on how to use spray inks like watercolor.  I loved all the drips, splashes, spatter that went into her hair…just too much fun!  The pretty colors, the stencils, and then painting the pretty face.

Then be prepared for having rainbow hands lol.  That spray gets all over them!

Week 29 was a bonus class with Marieke Blokland called “You Diva.”  Her Diva’s are a lot more fun than mine lol.  And, Diva’s aren’t normally what I do and this one was also not normally my style.  But, I like learning from these different instructors and learning new techniques.  Sometimes, they teach you something you haven’t thought of before or make you think a bit more outside the box.  It will be interesting to see as I go along how my art changes with it from taking these classes.

So, this is my Diva.  My Creative Diva…who is to help me inspire and create :).  I threw in some Washi tape for extra fun. Funky, no? lol!



Week 30 with Carissa Page was certainly very different for me.  This required getting some clear contact paper to create some transfers using images from a photocopier, laser printer or old magazines.  I didn’t have the two former, so I went with some vintage magazines.   I have to admit I struggles with this one.  I was trying to figure out where to layer my pieces, what message I wanted to convey, etc.  Then the images of the woman in distress and the planes made it all come together.

I was having some serious stresses in my life that day, life changing ones and I was kind of freaking out a bit.  And, suddenly this page came together like this.  It’s about how life can be so complicated sometimes when all one really needs at the time is more simplicity not more complication.  So, while I like how this came about, it’s not so much my style…this collage with transfers.  I like collage and do it often, but I prefer to paint than to paste 🙂


Anyway, just wanted to share my progress with the class.  When they start registration for 2015, I think I will join that one too!

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