What do Doilies and Art Journaling Have in Common?


What do they have in common?  Doilies make AWESOME prints on paper to create gorgeous art journal papers!  I have created these lovely little doilies and lace brushes.  I took my lace and doilies, smothered them in paint, stamped them and turned them into Photoshop brushes.  I use these beauties all the time.  They make for gorgeous texture as well as having a lovely pattern.  I stamp lace and doilies on my real art journal papers as well.

I also have a little tutorial for you on how to use use these lovely little brushes and if you keep reading, I have turned my tutorial into a little freebie paper!





Using Doily Brush Tutorial in PSE:

First, I chose the main color of my paper, then I created my paper to look like a watercolor paper (see The Art of Watercolor Brushes Tutorial).  After I created my watercolor paper, I created a New Layer.



You go to the top of your menu bar, click “Layers”, “New” and “Layer”.  Or you can use the short cut “Ctrl+N”.  Then open up your Doily Brushes where ever you saved them and select which brush you would like to use, don’t forget to pick your color :).

To select a brush file you have saved, click on your Brush Tool on the left.  It looks literally like a paint brush.  Once that is done, right at the top of your paper and just under your main tool bar at the top, there are your brush options.  The far left drop down gives you the option to choose which brush you want.  Click on the drop down arrow and when the little window opens up for your brushes, click on the double arrow pointing right. This will open up your brush options.  Towards the bottom, you will click on “load brushes.”  This will open up your file window and you will find where you stored your brushes and click the brush you wish to use.

I chose my brush and stamped it where I wanted it.  The colors I chose for this aren’t overwhelming, but you can choose how bright or subtle you want your colors.



You can stamp your brush where ever you want, but if it’s not where you want it, that’s one reason we use layers.  You can move it around until it’s where you want it.  I keep on stamping on my paper until it’s the look I want.  I decided I wanted some Grungy Lace too, so I opened up my Grungy Lace brushes and stamped a couple of brushes on my paper in different colors.  Don’t forget to create a new layer for each stamped brush.



That’s it!  Once you have your paper look the way you want it, go to the top of your menu bar, click “Layers”, at the bottom of your drop down menu, click “Flatten” or “Merge Visible”.  Don’t forget to save!


Now you can go forward and add all the elements, words, art doll,…whatever you want to your paper!  If you like this paper I created, it’s yours FREE for CU or PU.  Simply click the image for direct download. Enjoy!



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