Getting Obsessed with Rubber Stamps


Disclosure:  This is not a tutorial, but the ravings of a mad woman. Yes, I’m obsessed! I’m obsessed with NOT buying rubber stamps at the store. They are freagin’ expensive!! Ok, I will buy a few when they are on sale, but $15.00 for one rubber stamp? No thank you. But, what better way to have loads of rubber stamps and have them look whimsical and imperfect than to make them yourself! One day, spontaneously, I bought a Speedball Speedy-Carve kit. I was thinking, yeah!  I can make me some stamps of my own! Yeah, well, they sat there and sat there lonely, beckoning me to carve them.  It didn’t happen. I was too busy.  I have things to do, OK?! They sat in their little box waiting and forgotten. Then a few days ago, I opened up my box they were stored in and suddenly remembered I wanted to make my own stamps.


I pulled them out of their box and filled with excitement, I started cutting up the little slabs of pink rubber. I started searching the net, uncertain of really what to carve. The pink rubbery goodness just staring at me and me staring back…blank. But, there are some wonderful sites on the net that are full of inspiration. Particularly Pinterest.  Seriously, if you are stumped for inspiration, head over the Pinterest. Pinterest has an endless supply.With some ideas in my head I started carving away. Hands are unsteady, getting used to the feel of the cutter and the rubber  Like all things, the more you do it, the better you get at it. After I used up my little pink rubber slab that came with the kit, I wanted more! I headed to the store and bought some more, I even bought a blue one.  MISTAKE!  See, the blue carving rubber is a little bit cheaper. Thinking this was the way to go, I bought some and started to carve it up. Now I know why it’s cheaper. It breaks, crumbles and the stamp erodes after a while. Now I’m not sure what the purpose of the blue rubber is. I’m sure it’s good for something, but not for carving.  It’s much, much easier to carve, but you get little rubber bits all over and as my youngest son proved, it breaks easily (he grabbed one of my stamps bent it and it just broke…sigh. He likes to test how much force it takes to break something. Usually my things). But, I digress!

I spent two nights carving and carving and carving. I have made a total of 34 stamps! This job is not for the weak I tell ya!  If you have arthritis like I do, carving 34 stamps is going to HURT! But, by the 20th stamp, I think it started to get numb. My fingers, not my brain.  You can check out below what I have done. They aren’t the best, but I don’t need them perfect.  If you see some on Pinterest, there are some amazing little stamps people have hand carved. I think, gee, I can draw, I can do that!  Not!  It is NOT easy lol. But, I did some fun patterns and shapes that will work for me.  If you haven’t tried it, you should!  It’s way cheaper than buying stamps and you can add your own personality to your work!  Just don’t do 34 of them at once!


Here below you can see how they stamp out and potential uses.  Need to fix them a bit more, but I am stamp happy!


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