Yet Another Way to Use Photoshop Brushes + A Treat



Do you want to know how to turn a stamp into a lovely element for your projects? In this tutorial, I took one of my floral stamps and created an beautiful element out of it.  You can download this lovely little flower element FREE!  Keep on reading!

The first thing you do it open your PSE program.  Create a new file by “File” at the top menu bar, “New”, and “Blank File”.  This will open a little pop up.  I have my settings at 12 inches by 12 inches, 300 pixels/inch, RGB and Transparent.  Before opening up your brushes, you will need to chose which color you want. Once you have opened up a new page and chosen your color, you will need to select your brushes.

Click on your brush tool on the right then at the top of your program under your tool bar, you have your brush settings.  Click the drop down arrow, then double right arrows, “load brushes” and this will open up your files.  Find where you have your brushes saved and open up your selected brush.



Select which stamp you wish to use by simply clicking on it with your mouse.  Then stamp on your paper.  You should see a pretty large flower in your selected color.  Once you have done that, go to your layers menu on the right, click on the image with your mouse and at the same time hit “Ctrl”.  This will select your image and add “marching ants” around your image.  This helps keep everyone you do on the image and nothing will get outside those lines.



And, it just gets easier from here.  I go back and click on my brush tool on the left.  I select which brushes I wish to use.  Here I used my watercolor 4 brushes.  But, instead of just stamping with that, I chose a different color, a lighter pink.  Then I go back to the top of my brush menu items and under “Mode” I chose “Soft Light” (we will get more into blending modes another time).  I chose a pretty transparent brush for this and start stamping away until it’s how I like it.  You will see it has a slightly lighter color, blended nicely so it doesn’t look obviously stamped on top of the element.




You COULD just leave it like this and still have it look almost like you hand painted it for your art journal :).  But, I went a step further and decided to add a little pattern here.  I went back to my brush tool, selected my ornate brushes.  I went to an even lighter pink color while keeping my “Mode” on “Soft Light”.  And, just added a couple of stamps with a pattern on the left and the right…giving it kind of a grungy pattern look.





I’m going to go even one step further and add just a little bit of paint splash.  I really just can’t do anything without some paint splashes…I’m obsessed really.  Go back to my brushes, chose my Watercolor 4 brushes again, selected a little splash.  This time I change my “Mode” to “Multiply”, while keeping it the same color.  And, just stamp a couple of times.  That’s it!  All done!  I thin if I add anything else it would just look weird :).






There you have it!  A cute little floral element made from a stamp.  Hope you enjoyed this super duper easy and fun tutorial!  And, if you really like it, I have it for FREE!  Just click the image below for direct download. Thanks for reading!!!


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