It’s Autumn Time – Autumn Wreath


In celebration of the first day of Autumn, I wanted to do some showing off lol. I LOVE Autumn. We don’t get much of an Autumn here in Texas, and when we do, we don’t really start losing leaves off the trees until late November. Heck I have even been to the beach in December before! Needless to say, between very hot Summers, very little rain and being on constant water restrictions, I get very eager for cooler temperatures and hopefully more rain.

Autumn reminds me of no longer sweating! It reminds me of being able to open my windows and air out the house, smell of fresh air, cool breezes, etc. All these things just put me in a really good mood! So, I wanted to celebrate! I was just driven yesterday to drive straight to the hobby store at the last minute and make my own Autumn wreath. Instead of buying a beautiful one for $130, I made one for $40. Big difference, right?!

I don’t really have instructions on how to do this as it wasn’t really anything special. I just bought a real leaves and twine wreath and clusters of pre-made Autumn berries, leaves, flowers, etc. I wish I could take credit for how creative I am LOL! But, they were already created for me, so I can’t really take credit for that. I just bought the clusters and put them in the wreath. But, dang it’s still pretty LOL!

It was so much cheaper to do it myself and I can use it over and over again!  So, each year when I get that vibe of cool breezes and that tingling in my toes that tells me Autumn is near, I will pull out this baby and celebrate that Autumn is here!

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