Adventures in Drawing with Stewart


The day has finally come!  My oldest son Stewart finally wanted me to help teach him some drawing techniques.  He said he specifically wanted to learn about pencil shading.  I excitedly pulled out something simple…a plastic bowl and rambled on about perspective, angels, shadow direction.  Pulling out all my drawing pencils and describing about H and B.  After being very patient with me, apparently that’s not what he wanted LOL.  He wanted some help with making his current characters that he draws better.

I had to throw my hands up and say I couldn’t really help with that.  That his drawings and art are all his own.  The only way to make them better in his eyes is to keep practicing and what his characters evolve into something he wants.  He then said he would really like to learn how to draw a face.  So, we decided to sketch out a face together.  I showed him how to draw lines through the middle of the face to show where the eyes, nose, mouth go.  His face was quite lovely!  Not too bad for a 10 year old!

Eventually, Stewart being Stewart evolved his lovely face into something quite different lol.

Meet Ms. MustacheDoubleChinHairyLegTalonToeHorn
While trying to show him a quick rendering of a face, mine slowly evolved into Dave.  My mono toned, bland friend here :).
Stewart and I had a great laugh imagining what Dave would say in a mono toned voice lol.  We also had a great time trying to come up with a name for Ms. MustacheDoubleChinHairyLegTalonToeHorn.  
I’m so glad Stewart is finally wanting to draw more.  He’s a great writer, so the two working together should make for some interesting tales!

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