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This time I thought we would discuss a little bit about the Hue/Saturation tool.  This is a wonderful tool for changing the color of an element or paper.  While there are several ways to use this tool, I am going to stick with the basics first and move on to more advanced methods in another post.

First you want to open your PSE and select the element or paper you wish to change colors.  I here I have selected a craft flower that is just one color.  That is the easiest to show for now.  Multiple colors will be in another post.  Sometimes it’s good to know the basics before getting in to more complicated methods.

My flower here is a deep burgundy color.  I want to change the color to blue instead.  This is really handy when you want to take an old element and make it new again.

  • At the top of your menu bar, click on “Enhance” and a drop down menu will appear.
  • Scroll down until you see “Adjust Color”.  Hover your mouse there and another drop down menu will appear on the right.  Click on “Adjust Hue/Saturation”
  • SHORTCUT:  Click ‘Ctrl+U’
  • You will then see a little window appear with three slider bars.
Now here comes the easy part!  The top slider changes your Hue aka color.  (NOTE:  I stay away from the button box on the bottom right that says “colorize”.  While it does change the color to what you want, it makes the element look weird and flat.)
Here you can just move your Hue slider around until you find the color you are looking for.
Using Hue Slider (right)
Using “Colorize” (wrong)
You may be scratching your head thinking what’s the difference lol?  If you look closely, you will see in the first image there are flecks of different colors still there. It’s not all one flat blue.  So, the first image looks like it has more depth.  If you have multiple elements to change to the same color, I make a note of the hue/saturation numbers right above the slider bars so, you just type in the numbers instead for each element to get the exact same color.
You can also change the saturation using the second bar.  You slide it to the right, it will become brighter and more vivid.  If you slide it to the left it adds more gray to the element.  See below:
High Saturation
Low Saturation
I never use the bottom slider “Lightness” at all.  I use a completely different tool for that.
Hope you find this useful!

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