Crafting Monsters and Aliens

I know this isn’t about digital scrapbooking, sorry about that :).  I have recently taken up crafting as well.  This is going to be another project/business in the making.  So, this is my first test run on a current craft project I have recently completed.

What got me on the craft side of business suddenly?  My youngest son had been having some nightmares.  So many so that he was having a hard time going to sleep and getting into bed.  I wanted a way to help him sleep at nights.  I pulled out some felt I had, since I didn’t have a sewing machine nor fabric at the time, and handmade him a little monster with some buttons and a little embroidery.  He was kind of pathetic if you ask me.  An awfully skinny monster, although not sure if monsters are fat or skinny.

I made him as cute as I could.  I gave him to my little Anderson and told him that this monster was a sleep monster.  His only purpose is to keep the bad dreams away when he’s asleep.  Anderson hugged him and immediately took a liking to him.  Let me tell you.  He sleeps with that thing every night and has not had a nightmare since.  But, he makes sure he always has that monster with him at night and at nap time.  He even took it to Show and Tell at school lol.  I was so relieved I could help my little guy.  But at the same time, it’s made of felt and it’s not holding up too well to the wear and tear of little boys sleeping.

Again, I was at the hobby store and I came across this book called Sewn Toy Tales by Melly & Me.  They had the most adorable little hand sewn plushy animals and they aren’t that hard to make either.  I ended up purchasing a sewing machine and I seriously need to just stop buying fabric.  I can’t.  I’m am in a full-throttle addiction for fabric!  So, to make a long story longer, they have instructions for making a monster and an alien.  I wanted to recreate this sleep monster for Anderson.  Something more durable and even cuter.  I recreated the alien they had in the book because Anderson LOVES aliens.  But, alas, he is still too taken in by his little worn and torn monster lol.

I thought he turned out kind of cute!  Arms are a little crooked though ha ha.  Practice makes perfect!  But, this gave me a string of ideas!  I am now going to create my own series of monsters with my own designs and help other children who have nightmares.

Promise, my next post won’t be nearly as long, but maybe a few more pictures…



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