un·in·hib·it·ed ˌənənˈhibədəd/ adjective expressing one’s feelings or thoughts unselfconsciously and without restraint. “fits of uninhibited laughter _____________________________ I back in to my creative flow. I’m so excited to be creating and being more creative than I have ever been. So, … Continue reading 

Make It Count!


Make It Count.  Yes, those words seem more important sometimes when things are getting rough.  Sometimes when things go bad for us, we stick our chin up in the air, raise our fists and say; “Sorry, but this won’t bring … Continue reading 

A Little Vintage Goodness


Who doesn’t love something vintage?  Ok, I know not everyone does.  There was a point in my life I wanted everything modern and contemporary!  But, I’m in that point in my life where I’m loving all things vintage from my … Continue reading 

Dream Small?


“Dream small, you say?” Well, no. I want  you to dream big!! But, sometimes we need to start those dreams with baby steps or in increments. It’s hard to take our big dream and just expect big things instantly. Sometimes … Continue reading 

It’s That Time of Year Again…iNSD!!


So, they tell me this happens once I year, but I swear this goes on at least a few times a year.  It can’t just be my imagination lol!  Well, I guess it could.  Sometimes it feels like I can’t … Continue reading 

Who’s the em-BOSS!


Get it? Like my title? OK, it’s a little corny lol. But, that’s what this little tutorial is about today…embossing digitally with glitter. This will be for you PSE users. It is super easy and just plain fun. At the … Continue reading 

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!


Well, actually it’s not.  It’s about 70 degrees while I type this LOL!  A Texas Winter can range from 20 degrees to 80.  It’s really confusing, and don’t even get me started on the heat/AC adjustments on a daily basis … Continue reading